Our horses / Figaro


  • Poney: Figaro
  • Size: 139cm
  • Colour: Bai
  • Breed: New Forest X
  • Date of birth: 1993
  • Date of arrival at SE Belle Ferme: 2010

Figaro has been an amazing asset to Belle Ferme for many years! He is also the sort of pony who if you don’t stop him, well, he’ll just keep going. In his younger days, he could be a little too energetic and enthusiastic, although it was always with the intention to please and do his best. He competed in jumping including in the French Championships for many years. He was always very fast and reliable. In his older years, he slowed down somewhat and became a dream pony for beginners to learn with.

What's special?
Figaro has never put a foot wrong. His behaviour has always been outstanding. He puts up with everything, always tries his best and would never do anything to hurt or upset anyone: either human or horse. He just gets along with everyone!


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