The Association Saxo Belle Ferme (“Saxo”), which cares for our retired ponies and horses is funded by the hard work of its members. They raise funds for “Saxo” through the organisation of events, pony rides, etc. During all riding competitions held at Belle Ferme (about one every six weeks), all the proceeds earned at the bar, which is run by volunteers, go to “Saxo”. On competition days, we also organise half-hour pony rides for children on safe, reliable ponies around our farm. Other volunteers raise funds for Saxo through activities such as plating horse manes for dressage shows, clipping horse coats, and cleaning horse blankets. One of our young riders, Keira, even organised a bake sale and presentation at her school in favour of “Saxo”. All these gestures are not only greatly appreciated, but they are also what allow us to offer a well-deserved retirement to the ponies and horses who have worked for us for many years and keep them safe and healthy.

Since the shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, of course, none of these events or activities can be organised. We should manage to hold on a little while like this, but at some point, maintaining “Saxo” will become difficult, thus our appeal to any of you who might be willing and able to participate and help us keep going during these difficult times. Any donations can be given through the secure payment procedure on this web site.

So, if once upon a time one of our ponies or horses was an important part of your life, or if you would just like to contribute (every little bit helps!), Saxo’s retirees will be more than grateful to you!

Today, 26 ponies and horses are under the care of the Association Saxo Belle Ferme. For any questions, Lyn is happy to be contacted.

Please note: If you pay taxes in France, donations are taxes deductible up to 65% (up to a certain limit).

Thank you for your support ! Join us !



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Thank you for your support ! Join us !

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