Our horses / Cola


  • Horse: Cola (L.A. Woman)
  • Size: 152 cm
  • Colour: Dark Bai
  • Breed: Irish Sport Horse
  • Date of birth: 1996
  • Date of arrival at SE Belle Ferme: 2010

Cola was bought without even seeing her from coming across an add for horses for sale in Ireland. A super video of her jumping along with her visible experience was enough for me to want to buy her. A trip to Ireland to see her would have made the cost impossible, so after showing her owners where she would be, they bravely agreed to have her sent over! Cola proved to be everything we wanted and more, so no regrets!

What's special?
Ideal size for both children and small adults, Cola in her younger days was used more for the higher-level riders and competed a lot wits success. As she grew older she also became a favourite among all the levels, always taking great care of her riders and making sure they always felt safe. She does have ‘hay fever’ so her diet has to be watched so as not to cough. Her retirement out in the spring grass is ideal for her.


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