Our horses / Da Luna

Da Luna

  • Horse: Da Luna
  • Size: 168 cm
  • Colour: Chestnut
  • Breed: Hanoverian
  • Date of birth: 2002
  • Date of arrival at SE Belle Ferme: 2005

Da Luna was bought at an auction in Germany as a 3-year-old dressage horse. She won many prizes as a young horse, including in the finals for young horses in Saumur at the age of 4. Unfortunately, already at the age of 5, she started showing signs of unsoundness, and was diagnosed with different conditions in her front feet and her spine. She was turned out for a year, and bred with the well-known dressage stallion Florencio, to then give birth to a lovely foal, Floresca. She got back to work after her break, with extra care and help with her shoeing and her back, and her work was adjusted according to what she was able to do comfortably. At the age of 16, Luna was retired, and is now enjoying life with her herd in a field near Belle Ferme.

What's special?
Da Luna’s exceptional character of being willing and eager to please will be remembered by all those who rode her, and the ease at which she could do everything due to such good conformation was exceptional. Unfortunately, with horses one can’t just replace a front leg with a spare part… but what an outstanding mare!


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