Our horses / Rufus


  • Poney: Rufus
  • Size: 86 cm
  • Colour: Bai
  • Breed: Shetland
  • Date of birth: 1995
  • Date of arrival at SE Belle Ferme: 1997

Rufus was bought along with Saxo, Kazimir and Mirka. It wasn’t our intention to buy him, but when leading the other three from the field in their previous home, we heard whining followed by little hoof steps galloping along the road. Rufus it turned out was great friends with Mirka and was desperately calling her! The person selling him got quite angry with him for escaping from the field. Seeing his worried little face, it didn’t take long for us to tell the person that we would take him too! So Rufus glued himself to his best friend, and came home to Belle Ferme to start his new life!

What's special?
Rufus, along with Saxo and Kazimir, were the very first Belle Ferme Shetlands! He could never jump a stick, he didn’t look especially handsome, but he has always behaved perfectly and has been as safe as can be, as if always thanking us for bringing him home too.


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