Our horses / Bertie


  • Horse: Wharly Liberty (Bertie)
  • Size: 128 cm
  • Colour: Bai
  • Breed: Welsh
  • Date of birth: 1991
  • Date of arrival at SE Belle Ferme: 1994

Bertie came from the same English family as French. Today it’s lovely to see them both together retired and eating grass just outside my living room window. Bertie was one of our exceptional ponies. He was the pony all little riders dreamt to learn to ride on, and he took great care of them. He competed and jumped, although he jumped sometimes higher than his riders expected (!), and was the first ride of many children.

What's special?
Bertie can be proud to have been the “demi pension” pony of Genevieve Kirk, who – perhaps because of what a great pony he was to her, who knows? – is now competing internationally in dressage at a high level!


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